The FTC has three processing halls and a test kitchen dedicated to adding value to meat & fish, dairy and horticulture. Each processing hall is equipped with an extensive range of modern pilot and industrial scale equipment, for new product development, trialling new lines and the scaling up of an idea. The onsite laboratory can be used to provide accurate results in order to substantiate labelling and nutritional declarations.

  • Meat/Fish processing hall

    Meat hallA 100 sqm, EU approved meat cutting plant, where product development, lease manufacturing and practical butchery workshops are carried out.

    Facilities include a controlled atmosphere climate chamber, vacuum packer, slicing machine, industrial mincer and numerous items of other equipment you would expect to see in a meat manufacturing unit.

    Specialist butchery courses and tailor made added value training takes place in the meat hall. This includes:

    • Beef Butchery (Forequarter and Hindquarter)
    • Lamb Butchery Workshop
    • Pork Butchery Workshop
    • Sausage Making Programme
    • Curing Techniques
    • Air Dried Meat
    • New Product Development

    Working with the team at the Food Technology Centre, you will learn new techniques whilst developing your own individual product(s). Businesses have the opportunity to lease these facilities in order to manufacture larger batches of their product.

  • Dairy processing hall

    Dairy processing hall 76 sqm, EU approved dairy processing plant.

    Clients can lease the hall to manufacture and produce their products here. Facilities include cheese vats and press, HTST Pasteuriser and Separator, Homogeniser, Butter churn and an ice cream maker. The hall can be used to develop a broad range of added value dairy products such as:

    • Hard Cheese
    • Soft Cheese
    • Ice Cream
    • Yoghurts
    • Drinks
    • Butter
    • Cream Cheese
    • Dairy Desserts

    We have a dairy specialist within the team who has a wealth of experience and knowledge of undertaking NPD projects, pilot production, R&D and bespoke training to suit the clients' needs.

  • Prepared foods process hall

    Prepared foods process hallAn 81 sqm, multi-functional processing hall accommodating cooking and blast chilling and freezing, MAP/CAP packaged products, bakery, confectionary, ready meals, fruit and vegetable processing.

    Utilised for training or lease manufacturing the hall is designed with maximum flexibility in order to scale up bench top recipes into more commercial, more automated and efficient production. Examples of such products would include ready meals, soups, preserves, vegetable and fruit preparation, confectionary, juicing and baking.

  • Test Kitchen

    Test KitchenThe test kitchen allows clients to carry out bench top product development before commencing with pilot scale production in the food halls.

    The equipment available ranges from industrial steam ovens to mixing and blending table top machinery.

    With its ample worktop space this facility is perfect for cooking the products produced in the halls and carrying out a sensory analysis with invited guests.


  • Food Product Testing

    Food Product Testing The analytical food laboratory enables the characterisation and compositional assessment of food products to be carried out, assisting in a better understanding of processing technology, techniques and product performance in the market place. The laboratory has also provided research into product and ingredient functionality within food systems.

    Food testing services available in the fully equipped laboratory:

    • Shelf Life Analysis
    • Nutritional Analysis
    • Energy
    • Protein
    • Fat
    • Salt
    • Alcohol
    • Moisture
    • Soluble Solids
    • Water Activity

    The FTC has the advantage of having a food microbiological laboratory on site via Marine Biological and Chemical Consultants (MBCC). This service offers full traceability and UKAS accreditation for a broad and expanding range of analysis.

What our facilities offer

These facilities allow the client to manufacture products on small industrial scale to retail outlets and final consumer. The hiring of the facilities enables start-up companies to ascertain if there is current market demand before investing heavily in equipment and having to gain EHO approval. The FTC technical team can assist with scaling up your product to ensure continuity and safety.

All client projects are treated in confidence which enables the client and the centre to establish a good working relationship.

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