Meat/Fish Processing Hall

A 100 sqm, EU approved meat cutting plant, where product development, lease manufacturing and practical butchery workshops are carried out.

Facilities include a controlled atmosphere climate chamber, vacuum packer, slicing machine, industrial mincer and numerous items of other equipment you would expect to see in a meat manufacturing unit.

Specialist butchery courses and tailor made added value training takes place in the meat hall. This includes:

  • Beef Butchery (Forequarter and Hindquarter)
  • Lamb Butchery Workshop
  • Pork Butchery Workshop
  • Sausage Making Programme
  • Curing Techniques
  • Air Dried Meat
  • New Product Development

Working with the team at the Food Technology Centre, you will learn new techniques whilst developing your own individual product(s). Businesses have the opportunity to lease these facilities in order to manufacture larger batches of their product.