T-Scale QHW-6 Digital Weighing Scales

Portable single phase food grade scales for weighing food and beverage products up to 6Kg at a resolution of 0.1g. Can operates to a minimum weight to 20g.


The Pacojet is an innovative professional kitchen machine designed to puree fresh, frozen foods without thawing. It produces ultrasmooth mousses, naturally-fresh ice creams and sorbets, as well as intensely flavourful soups, sauces and creams/fillings. This process is carried out with or without the application of pressure.

Armfield FT9 Bench Top Homogeniser

This is a single phase easy to use bench top homogeniser ideally suited for liquid products, in particular dairy. With a throughput 45l/hr and an operating pressure up to 70 bar (1015psi) the Armfield FT9 is particularly useful for small bench top R&D trials. The instrument has a 4.5L feed hopper and has a homogenisation index of 5.0% for whole milk.

Enterpack EHQ-350N

This is a portable fully or semi-automated tray sealing machine with over 400 different tray options. The tray sealers operates off a standard three pin plug and has temperature and sealing time adjustment to suit films and tray of all styles. It allows for easy hygienic loading and unloading of sealing film and is very quiet during operation.

Sartorius Göttingen Digital Weighing Scales

Portable single phase food grade scales for weighing food and beverages up to 4Kg at a resolution of 0.1g.

A&D HR 250AZ Digital Weighing Scales

A highly accurate portable single phase digital scales for weighing up to a maximum of 252g at a resolution of 0.0001g. Can operates to a minimum weight to 0.1mg.

Excalibur 4926TB 600W 9 Tray Dehydrator

A bench top easy to use dehydrator with a working temperature range from 29°C to 68°C And optional 26h timer. With a total of 9 trays sized 380mm x 380mm the dehydrator has a drying capacity of 14 Sq.Ft (1.3m2)).

Waring Commercial Food Processor

A 3.3L commercial food processing machine which makes chopping, grinding, mixing and pureeing fast due to its 1500rpm motor. It’s strong construction and commercial motor means this food processor is capable to processing a range of different food products very quickly. The sturdy bowl is made to last and is both scratch and shatter resistant. With the optional manual pulse function, processing to the exact consistency is very easy.

Lincat OCM 101 Electric Steam Combi Oven

A combination oven providing four cooking modes: Hot air / Steam / Combi oven / Finishing The 3 cooking modes; convection hot-air from 30 °C to 300 °C, steam between 30 °C and 130 °C and a combination of steam and hot-air from 30 °C to 300 °C.

Lincat Single Tank Single Basket Countertop Electric Fryer LSF 400

This is a 2.5L capacity stainless stell deep fryer with a working frying range between 130oC to 190o C.

Lincat Single Tank Single Basket Countertop Electric Fryer LSF 400

Sammic KE-5L Commercial Food Processor

The Sammic KE-5V food processor combines the functions of a high-performance food cutter and mixer together within its compact 5.5L capacity chamber. The KE-5V can liquidise food, as well as chop, mix and process ingredients. The front-mounted control panel delivers precise regulation of the 10-speed ventilated motor and is equipped with a timer for maximum accuracy. Operational speed ranges from 385 rpm to 3000rpm.