Prepared Foods Processing Hall

Detectronic 606 3.X Metal Detector

Metal detection of finished products

Henkelman Vacuum Packer M300707206

Eloma BackMaster Steam Oven & Prover 3NAC400/50-60

Lincat Electric Counter 4 Plate Hotplate

Firex Cucimax CBTE 180 Multipurpose Direct Heat Boiling Pan

Electric boiling pan which tilts and mixes. Perfect for large-scale catering where speed and high out put are required. The automated process control allows for maximum efficiency of resources, and low staff intervention during the cooking process.

Firex FIXPAN PFIE500A Electric Indirect Heating Vessel

This low pressure vessel is designed for accurately heating large quantities of products, allowing for faster cooking times (up to 25%) and improved flavour retention due to a gentler heating process.

Tardito Mod. TP/D Bottle Rinser

Designed for double rinsing treatment, sanitizes and rinses bottles and jars.

Commercial Dehydrator 24 – CU

Speeds up moisture evaporation

Robot Coupe CL60 Veg Prep Workstation

Slices and preps veg

Rational CMP202E Combination Steam Oven

Turbovac MAP Tray Sealer

For recyclable oven proof and microwavable foil trays that are also used for ready meal and kitchen ready products.