HTST Pasteuriser (1000l)

Gemak touch-screen controlled continuous pasteuriser operating at range of temperatures up to 90°C; for 20 second, 2.5 minutes or 5 minutes holding times. The outlet temperature can be selected.

Batch Pasteuriser (500l)

Gemak touch-screen controlled batch pasteuriser with hot water or coolant in the jacket for heating and cooling, with options for slow stirring or high-shear mixing for adding powders.

Homogeniser (1000l)

Bertoli model HA31015, working pressure up to 300 bar. Prevents creaming in milk, or improves the smoothness of ice cream mix, by reducing the size of fat globules.

Cream Separator

Andritz Frau in-line separator, separates cream from skimmed milk, prior to pasteurisation. Adjustable fat content.

Butter Churn

Elecrem Elba 80 Butter Churn, takes up to 32 litres of cream, paddle rotates to form butter.

Butter Former

Gemak butter former, butter filled into hopper and extruded to conveyor belt via choice of three circular outlets of varying diameter, with wire cutter to form 250g, 500g or 1kg portions.

Cheese Vat (200l)

Asta cheese vat with thermostatically controlled water jacket

Cheese Vat (400l)

Two large cheese vats with thermostatic water jacket for temperature control, one with automated curd stirrer.

Ice Cream Batch Pasteuriser (120l)

Carpigiani Pastomaster 120 RTL. High shear mixing for incorporation of ingredients. Programmable heating and cooling for pasteurisation and ageing of ice cream mixes.

Ice Cream Batch Freezer

RSS Hereford Corema Eurogel 900, Taylor model 220, and Robot Coupe Musso Consul ice cream batch freezers. Freeze down portions of ice cream mix with added flavours, both initiating the freezing process and whipping air into the mixes.

Ice Cream Pot Filling Machine

RSS Hereford Telme Variofill, the cylinder is filled with ice cream from the batch freezers and extruded using compressed air, filling pots from 100ml upwards.

Blast Chiller/Freezer

Techfrost M20 models with programmes for blast chilling, blast freezing, ice cream hardening, defrosting, slow cooking and drying.

Pneumatic Cheese Press

Single station and double station cheese presses for pressing hard cheese

Batch Pasteuriser (120l)

Water-jacketed vessel for heating and cold-water cooling, automatic stirring.

Raw Milk Intake Tank (1000l)

Milkplan model MPV1000. Used for raw milk storage in the dairy. Automatic cooling with own refrigerant in the jacket.

Pasteurised Milk Storage Tank (1000l)

Milkplan model MPV1000. Used for pasteurised milk or dairy product storage in the dairy. Automatic cooling with own refrigerant in the jacket.